Weekly - 13 November 2020

  • Can't believe it's been 18 years!
  • Live in peace and humility.
  • There are times that I feel like I'm the only one who knows how to read instructions or search for something on the web when at work.
  • Since COVID-19, I've noticed how little it takes to keep others safe is just too hard for people to bare. Wearing a mask has become the inconvience of a lifetime.
  • When I am here, I enter my own little world, away from the nonsense of the lack of leadership and wandering aimlessly.
  • Windy days are beautiful days.
  • Keeping customer service as a separate entity, I judge all experiences of buying online by my Amazon experiences. It's not that I am a huge Amazon fan but in my experience they do the best job and make it easy to buy, track, and return purchases. What amazes me is how poor so many other businesses do. Especially WalMart, which gets a one star review (if only zero was possible). How can a company with that many resources do such a poor job? It's 2020 and still businesses can't figure out online retailing experiences.
  • Because of the treatment of HP customers by HP who use their printers, I have decided to never by a HP product again. I'm sure they'll notice. :)