At times, I wonder if my purpose is to help others feel smart. And that's OK.

Peopel, please poof wead your commmunications.

20 Years for What?

Next year will be the twentieth year blogging. So much said and lost, but what was it all for? To humor the ego? To give me something to do? Hopefully to improve writing skills. After all that time, still no clear direction (oh, you’re eclectic) nor readers.

And still, I write.


I used to be a leader. I used to watch and read Tom Peters, a lot. It's still in me somewhere. I'd really like to meet a leader. A leader like Tom Peters and Simeon Sinek talk about. Maybe even work for a leader. Any takers out there?

Colossians 3:2

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

The IMAX of the 1890s | HOW TO SEE the First Movies

Apple Card Care

Maybe don’t keep your Apple Card in a leather wallet, Apple warns - At what point do I just give up on Apple and their first world problems?

Clean Your Tanks?

fish tanks

The Circle of HOPE (2018): EMP, CME, and the Electronic Apocalypse

More DK Syndrome

I hadn't thought that Dunning-Kruger (DK) dealt exclusively with "dumb" people, but by the quotes from the Washinton Post article, I'm glad this blog post by Dr. Novella was written to clarify. - Misunderstanding Dunning-Kruger


I want to have dreams again. The childhood ideal of what you want to do with your life. The thought that anything is possible. Or that people will be there for you. The dream that adulthood means people are mature and want to work together. That dream. The dream of childhood. The lie adults tell you of childhood's future.


NF, just wow. Listen to him. Just listen.

Smoking and Gas

Doesn't matter what the sign says at number 4. No smoking at the gas pump means no smoking at the gas pump.

no smoking at the gas pump

Mother Concerns

It depends on what month of the pregnancy. In the third trimester there was some difficulty sitting up. Rolling over was not an option. Walking was a bit painful but talking was never a problem.

pregnancy question


A person I know, let's call her Kat, was talking to a human resources consultant about their work environment. Kat said that when they are in a meeting, which is made up mainly of management, she'll express her professional opinion based on her field of knowledge. One of two things will occur, sometimes both:

  1. The room goes quiet and someone changes the topic.
  2. They are told they are wrong by unknowledgeable people.

The HR consultant said that is called "shut-up and color". Kat says she'll always remember that after she expresses herself.

Excuse Me?

This is how we got to the question about the accident.

Please wait to be seeded.


So is the first answer meaning a number 1, number 2, or both?

pregnancy question

Awkward Design

Sometimes you're just in a hurry to design and don't realize that the spotlight is in an awkward position. Found this one at a family restaurant.

Monroe spotlight

James 1:19-20 | NIV

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.


I love you!