oh poopy!

A Time to Leave

I thought I could be better than I was. I thought I could do more than I was. The problem was that I didn't know how to get there. So, this is goodbye. The time for fooling oneself is finally over.

Pleashe Shtop Shpeaking Wrong

Granted, people say "pitcher" when they mean "picture" for whatever stupid reason. But there is one thing that actually makes me angrier and that's people who cannot pronounce "s". Instead, they translate it to the "sh" sound. Believe me, this makes you sound just as uneducated as pitcher/picture.

Here's some help for you to translate and work on your phonics.

  • Shpeak > Speak
  • Inshtructor > Instructor
  • Shtroke > Stroke
  • Shtupid > Stupid
  • Shape > Shape

The Old Man in the Cottage

Toxic Culture

Those who can't help try. Those can help won't. Some people are in desparate need of help in so many ways. It's inspiring and hopeful when those who don't have the answers try. It's disheartening when those who can help do nothing. There are times though that the person in need of help has to stand up and do it on their own, whether they have the answer or not. Although, depending on what the issue is, this is not always possible. There are those, like myself, who have stayed too long working in the same place. It's not good to play the victim. If the culture is toxic with no change in site, it's time to move on.

It's time to move on.

Unwired Imagination

Great commercial. It clearly proves children need play and get by fine without electronic devices.

Enjoy the Silence

There are some days and even some weeks that it is incredibly quiet. By quiet, I mean no sounds in the ofifce area, still plenty to do. It doesn't happen often but these periods are so welcomed. Silence is heavenly. It brings so much joy and peace. You can hear more in that silence. You can learn more in that silence. Enjoy that silence when you get it and find time for it every day.

Law Reform

Whenever disaster strikes or someone is wronged a new law will stop it from happening again. For instance, if we want to stop school shootings, making certain types of guns illegal will help. This is like ancient Israel, when they had God, wanted a king instead, because then all their problems would be solved. How did that work out for them?


It's very quiet right now. It's a relaxing quiet; something that doesn't happen often. A time for writing. A time for praying. A time for thinking and remembering what life is about. Not a life of materialism, deceit, or war but freedom, calmness, spiritual importance, and sustaining a life of a Hobbit. A life for meditation and worship and not of the self.

Bitcoin Fate

A lot of talk lately about Bitcoin going to fail. Now I'm starting to wonder because it's too big and powerful to succeed. Governments and banks won't tollerate the competition because of the socialist captalism that exists.

That whole resolution thing

I've found new year's resolutions to be a waste. Resolutions should be done throught out the year when the need arises and call them what they are: goals. That said, my goal is to not be a back seat driver, TobyMac style. Why should you care? Supposedly you'll accomplish your goals if you share with others.

Thank God!

How sad I'd be without this day. I love you!